PUBG Mobile was the first one to compromise the graphics and bring console-quality gameplay to smartphones. The idea might not sound great at once, but it has worked brilliantly. Since its launch in 2018, PUBG Mobile has topped all the mobile gaming charts. Why? The true answer is because it’s not a mobile game.

PUBG Mobile offers a complete console-quality gameplay, with a little compromise on graphics. Apart from graphics, the game offers everything you expect from a PC or console game. The game boosts the same map you used to play on the PC version. Thanks to Tencent, it offers you a complete control over the “Game Controls.” You can customize the controls however you want.

Why PUBG Mobile Is a Success?

Let’s come back to the question, what made this game a huge success? In the smartphone gaming industry, there are quite few games that have enjoyed enormous popularity. These games include Subway surfers, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and a few others. All of these games are completely different to PUBG Mobile. They are pure mobile games with something new for the users.

What PUBG Mobile has done is they brought the same gameplay to smartphone what they used to offer on PCs only. This is something new and exceptional in the gaming industry.

PC and Console Quality on Smartphones

Without any second opinion, not everyone can afford to have a consol in their house. Even if you own a console, you don’t prefer to sit at the same place all the time to play a game. The world is going wireless and people don’t prefer to sit at a spot all the time.

PUBG Mobile has given you an option to enjoy the same gameplay while staying in your comfort zone. As I mentioned earlier, they have brought a console quality game on a mobile. It still could be a failure if they didn’t optimize the game for low end devices.

They have perfectly optimized the game for cheap smartphones through compromising the graphics and frame rate. In my opinion, this is the actual reason why the game is a huge success. They made a game and then optimized it to ensure everyone can have a taste of it.

Also, they have offered you to adjust the controls as per your requirements. It allows everyone to play this game regardless how they carry their phone, which fingers they use, etc. There are many games I ditched even I have loved the idea just because I wasn’t comfortable with the controls.


A unique idea to bring a console quality game to smartphones attracted the players. They optimized the game so everyone can play regardless of their device performance. It’s a free to play game with no edge over each other even if you spend real cash in the game. It allows you to communicate with other players during the game. Last but not the least, you can customize the controls as per your requirements.